'I have recently enjoyed getting more positive feedback and communication from the school. Thank you very much for inviting us to this lovely celebration.'


'I could not be happier with my child’s progress and are so pleased that we chose Blacon High. We are looking forward to our son joining you in 2020.'


‘A well run and managed school allowing children to grow and develop.’


‘Rewarding and celebrating success is a great idea. It tackles the children that hard work and shows that effort pays off. Thanks to the teachers support and staff who work hard on making Blacon High a great school.’


‘This is a very good school, which I would recommend to anyone. My child is doing fantastically and we honestly couldn’t be more proud.’


‘We are very happy with our child's progress at Blacon High School and he has settled in well. We would recommend the school as, having a smaller intake, we feel it helps with one to one and also helps our son feel more confident. We are very proud of what he has achieved and we are very happy with the direction of his learning.  There are no improvements we feel should happen as you are doing brilliant job at moulding our son’s progress. Thank you.’


‘Our daughter has settled well into Blacon High School. Thank you for helping her transition into a new, comfortable and well managed environment. We look forward to attending more events within the school!’


‘Great School! Our son is a different child after transferring from another school. It was best decision we ever made for him after literally dragging him out of bed and taking him unhappily to school. He skips through the door at 8am to come for breakfast.’


‘I believe our daughter is doing very well at school. We have brilliant feedback from all lessons and with one more school year to go, I believe she will achieve high marks.’


‘I am pleased with our child's progress through the years he has been here. He just needs help with SPAG, which all the teachers help him with. He has enjoyed his time at Blacon High School, with the reports he has had from his teachers.’


‘I would just like to say my son has been in this school since Year 7 and is making brilliant progress. If he gets his predicted grades I will be one proud mum.’


‘I would be happy to tell anyone to bring their child to this school.’


‘I couldn’t have chosen a greater school and my son excels here. He feels comfortable with all the teachers and students.’


‘Our son is enjoying and thriving in Year 9.’


‘Our daughter works hard and is very happy at school.  Keep up this good work Blacon High school staff.’


‘An excellent school. My son has had a brilliant education and support from the best teachers. It is the best school in Chester.’