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At Blacon High School, we understand how important it is for students when they move from Primary into Secondary school.

Our detailed and comprehensive transition package ensures that students join us in Year 7 confident and ready to hit the ground running.

At Blacon High School, we have strong, well-established relationships with our partner primary schools within the Blacon Educational Village. (Blacon High School, Dee Point Primary School, The Arches, Highfield, St Theresa’s and JH Godwin) This means that we begin to learn about our prospective students very early into their lives at primary school. We share ideas, work collaboratively on curriculum projects, share tournaments and sports days with staff from Blacon High School, delivering lessons in PE, Music and Languages in the Primary schools, building strong relationships from the outset.

The success of our transition package and the growing reputation of the school means that we are full and oversubscribed, with waiting lists in almost all year groups.

Please see below detail of our formal transition package:

Year 5 WOW Days – Students are welcomed in to school with their Year 5 classes to spend a day with us where they participate in some of our more practical subjects. The aim of the days is to give the students an insight into school life, to meet some of their teachers and experience moving around a working school building. Students have the opportunity to enjoy eating lunch in our bistro where they get to sample dishes from our exciting menu.

These WOW days are offered to our BEV partner schools, but parents of students in other primaries are welcome to contact us and we would be happy to include them in these plans.

Year 6 Open Evening – One of the highlights of our school year is when we open the doors to all of our future potential students. Open evening is held in September and is a fantastic opportunity for parents to visit our school and see what we have to offer our students. The evening will include a meeting with the Headteacher before groups are created and parents/ children are taken on tours of the school, visiting all department lessons and experiencing what it is like to be in a live lesson. The evening always ends with the opportunity to speak with some of our senior staff and provide feedback.

Personal Tours – Although we hope that the Open Evening will have answered all key questions, we understand that on occasions, parents/carers will have further questions they would like answered or areas of school of which they would like to see more. When this is the case, we welcome parents to call the school and we will do all we can to answer any of these questions, or are happy to complete further personal tours.

Vulnerable transition – We understand that for some of our more vulnerable students, an extra layer of support is needed to ease their worries and prepare them for September. Because of this, our Progress Leaders and members of our SEND and family support team, work with our primary schools to identify students who may benefit from this extra layer of transition work. Students identified visit us with members of their home school and meet key staff that will support them when they come to us in year 7. This can take place as a single visit or on multiple occasions (depending on the need of the individual learners).

Primary School visits – Our progress leaders visit each of the primary schools to introduce themselves to all students who will be joining us. They also use this opportunity to meet with Year 6 teachers and discuss each individual student. This allows us to gather information that will help us paint a picture of each student and help us with their setting and settling into school. Friendships, likes and dislikes along with any specific learning need are also shared at this point.

Masterclass Sessions – Once final student numbers have been confirmed, we work closely with Year 6 teachers from our primary schools to identify key students who come and work with us over a 4 week period to complete mini projects in either English, Maths, Science, Technology or Performing Arts. This allows us to get to know more of our students and find out what they enjoy about school.

Transition Day – Transition day gives us the first chance to see our fabulous new learners together as a year team. All students are placed into their tutor groups and meet the new tutor who will be a key contact for them (and parents) through their child's journey at Blacon High School. Students spend the full day with us and take part in team building activities along with experiencing some lessons and a full school experience.

Meet the Tutor Day – Following the transition day, we provide parents with the opportunity to meet their child’s tutor. This is the opportunity for parents to share anything extra with us that will allow us to help their child settle into school even better.

Summer School – Each summer we aim to run a summer school for our new learners. Teachers from Blacon High School run different activities where students select where they would like to participate. This provides staff with the opportunity to get to know the students and to familiarise themselves in the school building, ready for September.

First Day – For the final part of the settling in process, we welcome our new Year 7 learners into school a day earlier than the rest of the school community return. Again, this allows students the opportunity to get to know the building, their staff and where their lessons will be without the presence of older students.

Key Staff

Mr Sabri – Deputy Headteacher

Mr Sabri oversees transition and line manages each of the progress leaders as part of his responsibilities in school. He is a key point of contact for questions relating to the transition process.

Progress Leader
Each year group has their own Progress Leader, who alongside Mr Sabri will oversee the entire transition process. Once students are in school, our progress leaders are responsible for ensuring every child engages fully with their education, removing any potential barriers that may arise.

Learning Mentor
Our Learning Mentor is called Ms Beyer who will work alongside the Year 7 Progress Leader and is a key person in our students’ journey throughout Key Stage 3. She will often be the first point of contact for all parents and will support the transition process.

Pastoral Team
Our Pastoral Team for Year 7 will consist of six tutors alongside the Progress Leader

Feedback from students, parents and staff at our Primary Schools is consistently positive of the way that our carefully planned transition activities support students when they transfer to Blacon High School.