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Performing Arts


Curriculum vision

"Drama is exposure; it is confrontation; it is contradiction and it leads to analysis, construction, recognition, and eventually to an awakening of understanding." Peter Brook.  

The vision for the Performing Arts Department is to share our passion for the subject, embedding the whole school values of enabling every student to achieve in all aspects of their academic life. We aim to inspire our students with a love and enjoyment of learning through reading, thinking and practically exploring a culturally rich and diverse curriculum to develop mind, body and character, embedding confidence, self-esteem and a range of communication skills for their chosen career path. 

Confidence is developed through: 

  • Expanding cultural capital through creative exploration, artistic expression and practical interpretation; establishing respect, relationships and resilience through developing confidence and self-esteem (Developing body through artistic expression
  • Developing verbal and non-verbal communication and interpersonal skills through practical exploration, reading and storytelling alongside practical exploration, discussion and debate thus developing disciplinary knowledge of performance practice through engagement with a range of highly energised lessons and workshops with industry professionals and practitioners (Developing character through exploration
  • Creating and developing enthused practical performances, informed through: a synergy of practical and theory-based work, practical exploration of practitioner work, practical and theoretical explorations of a range of theatre styles, and independent research (Developing mind through research) 

Through the study of Performing Arts, we will develop well-informed, creative and confident young people with pride in, and a respect for, culture, and an understanding of diversity, artistic expression and respect.   

By encouraging a sense of wellbeing, achievement and pride to facilitate autonomy and a love for learning, our students will have developed a resilience that will enable them to be successful in all subject areas. 

Additionally, students will leave with a knowledge of a range of theatre styles and the influences of professional practice in the Performing Arts industry.  Communication and interpersonal skills will be embedded, enabling them to form positive relationships as they embark on their chosen career path. 

"Drama has given me the edge over others.  It is inclusive and fun and has made me more confident in my abilities to achieve, helping me with coping strategies and building my resilience in a comfortable, safe and inspiring space with like minded people." Year 11 student 

Curriculum overview

Curriculum accreditation

Key Stage 4 Performing Arts students follow the Pearson BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts specification. 

The full Pearson BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts specification can be downloaded at the bottom on this page.

Further learning

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