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Health and Social Care


Curriculum vision

“Alone we can do so little; together we can achieve so much.” Helen Keller 

Our aim is to equip students with specialist knowledge and a secure understanding of how the Health and Social Care industry supports the well-being of individuals. Students will gain an insight into a variety of roles within the sector, supporting them to draw upon their existing knowledge and apply it to real-life scenarios.  At the heart of our curriculum are the personal qualities that are valued in the industry, promoting respect, empathy and acceptance. We regularly encourage students to think, reflect and endeavour, with the aim of ensuring they are equipped for further study or employment, and so that they can make a valuable contribution to wider society.  

Demonstrating Care is achieved through:  

  • Applying knowledge and demonstrating critical understanding of key concepts, in true to life scenarios and case studies through independent research, interactive and engaging activities and participation in structured discussion and debate. These themes will include: The Rights of Servicer Users in Health and Social Care Settings; Person-centred Values and Effective Communication; Protecting Service Users/Providers in their settings; Growth and Development through the Life Stages; Public Health Issues and their Impact on Society (Developing mind through discussion)  
  • Planning and evaluating the needs of individuals who have been affected by life events and hot to support their needs along with considering factors influencing health. Through classwork and access to variety of workshops, delivered by external agencies and/or local businesses, students will also plan and create health promotion campaigns. (Developing body through promotion)  

Developing and reflecting upon their individual character, with a key focus being placed upon the importance of personal qualities such as patience, understanding and respect (Developing character through reflection)  

Students will have a secure understanding of the fundamentals surrounding Health and Social Care. We aim to empower students to make positive choices in terms of their own health and well-being, but also allow them to learn how to support the well-being of others through forming healthy and empathetic relationships. We want to give students the opportunity to become resilient and confidently embark upon further study or employment within the sector, which plays such a vital role in supporting the health of our society.   

We endeavour to encourage our students to develop their character through the subject and the learning they complete, with the aim to produce confident, enthusiastic, respectful, skilful and responsible young people.  

"I am so glad I chose to pick Health and Social Care at GSCE. We learn about so many interesting that that impact our everyday lives, discussing topics that so many of us can relate to. We are introduced to so many different career options such as Nurses, Social Workers, Carers and so many other health professionals. I am going to go on to do this course at college and I want to train to be a Nurse." Year 11 student 

CUrriculum Overview

Curriculum accreditation

Key Stage 4 Health & Social Care students follow the OCR Cambridge National Health & Social Care specification. 

The full OCR Cambridge National Health & Social Care specification can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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