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Curriculum vision

“No one is born a great cook. One learns by doing. The only real stumbling block is the fear of failure.” Julia Child 

Our aim is to place students in an engaging and inspiring learning environment which provides them with understanding of how Food can impact health and wellbeing. Students will build an understanding of the functional properties of foods, and begin to appreciate the role food plays in our society. We encourage students to; draw upon knowledge they have learned, justify their opinions and endeavour to critically evaluate their personal choices. We broaden pupil’s experience of food and give them the courage and confidence to try new things and apply their learning throughout their life. 

Well-being is achieved through:  

  • Developing knowledge and applying this through independent research, interactive and engaging activities and participation in practical investigations. The following themes will be covered: Healthy Eating Models; Functions of Nutrients; Dietary Health; Food Provenance and the factors which can affect our food choices and Food Science (Developing character through choice)  
  • Demonstrating critical understanding of ingredients and their properties alongside the learning and refining of practical skills by creating a broad range of dishes, selecting and experimenting with appropriate ingredients, equipment, techniques and processes (Developing mind through experimentation)  
  • Conducting both theoretical and practical investigations, making many links to other areas of the curriculum- linking to health, nutrition and scientific properties of ingredients (Developing body through links to nutrition

Students will have a secure understanding of the fundamentals surrounding food and will enable them to form positive relationships with food; this will prepare and empower them to make positive choices for their personal health and wellbeing.  Students will thrive in a positive and inspiring learning environment that makes them feel comfortable to make mistakes thus embedding resilience, and use this experience as a tool to future success and personal celebration.  We endeavour to encourage our students to develop their character through the subject and the learning they complete, with the aim to produce confident, enthusiastic, respectful, skilful and responsible young people.

“Food is my favourite subject! I love cooking and trying out new things. I learn things in school and then go home and practice them with my family.” Year 7 student


Curriculum overview

Curriculum accreditation

Key Stage 4 Food students follow the NCFE GCSE Food specification. 

The full NCFE GCSE Food specification can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Further learning

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