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Cadets (CCF)

The Cadets (CCF Combined Cadet Force)

Since the Cadet expansion programme started in 2012, the number of schools across the UK with cadet units has almost doubled since, now with more units in state schools than in independent schools. In September 2018 the MOD announced the Government's ambition to increase the number of cadets in school units from c. 43,000 to 60,000 (by 2024). The CCF movement used to be dominated by the independent sector with 200 contingents being based in independent schools with only around 60 in state schools. Since the Cadet Expansion Programme was launched the number of contingents has reached 500. Our CCF numbers at Blacon High have begun to slowly increase once more after taking a big hit after Covid-19, regularly having 25 Cadets parading on a weekly basis (from 10-12 students immediately post-Covid).

As of November 2023, we have 26 regular Cadets (with a couple more due to start in the New Year). Our Cadets parade every Monday afternoon on the top car park from 3:10pm - 5:00pm during term time. Cadets undertake training sessions as well as military based lessons.

26 students we currently have enrolled, of which 10 are PP students.

We have one student on their way to complete the Cadet course and then will be starting the Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre (SCIC). Once this is complete, they will be able to enrol on the Master Cadet Course.

Some of the activities include maps and compass knowledge, navigation skills, first aid, badges of rank, field craft, learning the values and standards of cadets, weapon handling including firing both air rifle and an L98A2 assault rifle, drill and command tasks. On annual camps there have been the opportunity to participate in rock climbing and use of paintball guns. Cadets will also be expected to deliver lessons to new cadets in order for them to progress through the ranks.

Over the past year, we had our annual camp in June at Swynnerton military base for a week. There have also been 3 weekend stays at Fox barracks and involvement in Poppy selling and a parade through Chester city centre on Remembrance Weekend.

Over the coming months, there are weekends at Fox barracks on 19th - 21st January, 9th - 11th February and 18th - 19th May. The Cadets will get their weapons handling up to date for the senior cadets, and junior cadets will have full lessons in order for them to join in with some live firing practices. There will also be an overnight out in the field in May, so that Cadets can practice their field craft skills for annual camp on 30th June - 5th July, where they will spend a week at Altcar military base.