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1.3 Curriculum Intent

Curriculum intent

Respect is a deeply held value which permeates all aspects of life at Blacon High School and underpins the design of our curriculum.

Our fundamental belief – that everyone can achieve well - lies at the heart of our educational philosophy. To achieve this, we foster the very highest quality relationships and use them as an active ingredient in our pedagogical model. We will make reasonable adjustments for disabled students to ensure increased participation in the school’s curriculum over time.  

Our students are thinkers – our inquiry-led curriculum models the power of questions and the art of questioning. We believe that this prepares them for the challenges of life in modern Britain.

The development of communication skills is also at the forefront of our curriculum because we understand how vital they are for success in life. We ensure students have opportunities to discuss, challenge and critically evaluate others’ points of view. By ensuring that students are literate and numerate, they can flourish and access the next stage of their education, employment or training. 

Curriculum Implementation

At Blacon High School we believe that a carefully sequenced and progressive curriculum and this is the foundation upon which excellent learning and development is built.  Subject leaders, who are experts in their subjects, carefully construct a curriculum that promotes a deep understanding of a wide range of topics. There are many opportunities built into lessons to develop students’ thinking skills so that knowledge is fully embedded. The curriculum will be enriched and will ensure that the pupils build the cultural capital they need to become successful and well-educated citizens.

The school ensures that students are literate and numerate enabling them to flourish, thrive and access the next stage of their education, employment or training. All pupils are expected to read widely and access a diverse range of high quality and aspirational texts through carefully planned curriculum planning.

Key Stage 3

At Blacon High School, we follow the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum, which equips our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to become confident and proficient life-long learners. Not only does our curriculum provide a solid foundation for progression to Key Stage 4, it offers our students a wide range of opportunities to develop a love of learning. There is a range of enrichment opportunities and a very strong focus on acquisition and mastery of the key skills of literacy and numeracy.

Key Stage 4

The curriculum we offer at key stage 4 is broad and balanced and provides a platform to enable our students to progress to further academic studies at A-Level or to follow a vocational, work-related pathway.

The journey towards becoming a successful life-long learner starts at an earlier age, but Key Stage 4 is pivotal in determining the options/pathways available to students later in life. The subjects we offer our students equip them with life-long skills of literacy, numeracy and independence.

Curriculum Impact

Our curriculum will:

  • Nurture critical thinkers
  • Develop confident and insightful readers
  • Enable students to build knowledge-rich schema
  • Inspire learners to search for deep meaning when they are studying
  • Enable all students to fulfil their potential
  • Build high levels of resilience
  • Prepare students to compete in the global economy
  • Deliver high levels of attainment and progress, enabling pupils to access the next stage of their learning journey