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Blacon High School supports the mental health of young people with The Wellbeing Hub from teen tips.

Blacon high school supports the mental health of young people with the wellbeing hub from teen tips.

Blacon High School have subscribed, for a year in the first instance, to The Wellbeing Hub. We encourage all of our Parents and Carers to sign up for free to this new website and all our students will also have an account, automatically being registered with their school email. The Wellbeing Hub offers you a wealth of information regarding Mental Health and Wellbeing, including; 

  • Weekly Podcasts and articles
  • Live Q&As
  • Webinars
  • Top Tips
  • The A-Z of Wellbeing
  • Parenting Courses

Introductory video   -

  1. Parents and Carers will register themselves using a URL link which will be sent to their Edulink app / ParentPay. Please look out for this information.
  2. The link MUST NOT be shared on any social media as this is for Parents/Carers of Blacon High Students only and the capacity is limited to 800 user accounts – please only create one user account per family.
  3. *Please note that the large majority of resources are included in your subscription but there are paid services like personal counselling that aren’t covered. We are NOT promoting these services in any way – we have subscribed you to the content which will be of no cost to you*

Any requirements to use the further paid services are NOT covered in your Blacon High School subscription.

Please find below links to The Wellbeing Hub across several Social Media platforms so you can follow them and be aware of the weekly new content.