Meet the Governors

The name of the governing body is ‘The Governing Body of Blacon High School. The total number of Governors is 17. The term of office of all categories of Governors is four years.

The Governing Body shall consist of:

  1. 2 Parent Governor
  2. 1 Local Authority Governor
  3. 1 Staff Governor
  4. Headteacher
  5. 3 Co-opted Governors
  6. 9 Foundation (Trust) Governors (a majority of the Governing Body of whom 4 shall, at the time of their appointment, be eligible for election or appointment as Parent Governors)

The chair of the Governing body is Mr Peter Wilks (appointed 25/10/2018).

The vice chair of the Governing body is Mr Robert Williams (appointed 18/10/2021).

Clerk to the Governors

Sian Griffiths - Clerk to Governors

If you wish to contact any of the Governors you can email; and include the intended recipients name in the subject field.

2020-21 FGB Attendance Summary - Blacon High School

Due to the pandemic all meetings were held virtually

Governor Name Governor Category Role Term Ends FGB 1











Peter Wilks Co-opted Chair 12.12.24 Y Y Y Y Y
David Peachy Co-opted Vice Chair 04.02.23 Y Y Y Y Y
Rachel Hudson


Headteacher Y Y Y Y Y
Paul Makinson Co-opted 31.08.25 Y Y Y Y A
Julie Salisbury Staff 31.01.23 Y Y Y Y Y
Michell Beavan Parent (Trust) 28.02.22 Y Y N Y Y
Jimmy Butler Parent (Trust) 28.02.22 A A Y Y N
Judith Gilmour Foundation 20.03.23 Y Y Y Y Y
Kathleen Roberts Foundation 29.03.23 Y Y A A N
Robert Williams Foundation(formerly LA) 30.06.25 A Y Y Y Y
Una Meehan Foundation (& Associate) 30.06.25 Y Y Y N Y
Lisa Giles Parent 30.06.25 Y Y
Laura-Jayne Smith Parent 30.06.25 Y Y
Vacancy LA
Vacancy Parent (Trust)
Vacancy Parent (Trust)
Vacancy Parent (Trust)