We operate this policy to protect all students and staff from any potential safeguarding issues in a world where the use of and capabilities of mobile phones grows daily. The policy does not allow the use of mobile phones anywhere in the school building under any circumstance.

The policy will result in an immediate confiscation of a student’s phone if they are seen being used in any area of the school building. This will include break times and lunch times. When a phone is confiscated, the teacher who has taken the phone will pass it to the main office where the phone will be labelled and safely locked away until the end of the day when it can be collected by the student.

A list will be kept of the names and dates of each student who has failed to follow the policy and had their phone confiscated. When this becomes the second occasion in any term, the phone will be kept in school until a parent/carer comes to school to collect it. At this point a phone call home will be made to inform of the situation. If in any case the phone is not handed over to the member of staff who requests it, the student will be immediately taken to the remove room for the rest of the day.

We ask parents to play their part in supporting the school with this policy by withholding from contacting your son/ daughter at all during the school day. If there is an emergency where you need to contact your son/ daughter I ask you to contact the school office who will relay the message or in extreme circumstances, get them to come to the phone to take the call.