Working in partnership with parents is an essential part of Blacon High School. Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time to discuss their children's progress and we feel it is important that we provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their children's education. Such contacts will normally be with Progress Leaders or Form Tutor. Regular, daily contact with parents by Form Tutors is via the planner. We view this planner as an important book to help pupils organise themselves and it is signed weekly by the tutor and the parent. It has space allocated for parents to communicate with tutors when necessary.

There are many other forms of parental contact. These can be divided into the following sections:

  • Contact with subject areas - with Heads of Department and teaching staff
  • Form Tutor contact
  • Parents' Evenings - information evenings and consultation evenings

It is important that form tutors are kept fully informed of all important issues relating to pupils in their form and form tutors are the focal point for all communication with parents.

Letters & Downloads

Most letter that are sent home or important documents relating to your child’s time at Blacon High School can be found in the links below in PDF format. Please note – not all letters home will be put on the website as some are specific to a smaller group of students.

Letters to Parents