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Head of Department: Ms L Parnell


Foundation drawing skills, tone, mark making, colour theory.

2D studies - including painting and collage

3D studies - including ceramics

Topics include natural form and landscape, the work of others and other cultures (Aboriginal and Oceanic Art)

Year 8

Extending drawing skills, anatomy of the face and portraits.

2D studies - including painting, collage and print

3D studies - including ceramics and mixed media

Topics include Day of the Dead, Body Art, Masks, the work of others and other cultures (African Art)

KS4 – GCSE OCR Art and Design


Develop ideas through mind mapping, sketches and studies.

Refine ideas through selecting and experimenting with resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.

Record ideas, observations and insights, in visual, written and other forms.

Present a personal, informed and meaningful response, from initial research through to the final piece. Themes covered include: Natural Form, Architecture, Pop art, Portraiture, lettering and shoes.

Pupils produce a 45 Hour portfolio – 60% evolving from the themes covered and 40% independent project on a set task.