• To become a centre of excellence
  • To put the student at the centre of everything we do
  • To deliver high quality teaching and learning
  • To provide personalised pathways to allow all students to succeed
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers to support success

Our vision is to create a centre of excellence for students aged 11 – 16 years old. We believe in an all-round education, combined with a strong community ethos. Our school will hold high academic aspirations for all students. Of equal importance will be a commitment to developing the full potential of every child – personally, physically and socially. We want to give our students the tools they need to go on to lead independent, purposeful and fulfilled adult lives.

Academic excellence: We aim for every student to aspire for and achieve academic success and we will set challenging individual targets. We want every child to fulfil their potential and go on to success on post 16 pathways.

Skills for life: At the heart of our school is a pastoral care system which is second to none. The staff in our school will enable all students to develop strong personal relationships between themselves and with others, and in so doing we will give every child a strong sense of their own self-worth. Students will not be allowed to let the fear of failure become a stumbling block to success.

Health and wellbeing: Our students will be healthy, active young people. Participation in sport, dance and other physical activity will be an enriching part of their lives and they will form life-long healthy habits and attitudes.

Conduct: We will instil a sense of responsibility in every student. This includes their conduct and behaviour in every aspect of school life. We will expect them to take responsibility for their learning and to be accountable for their actions. Above all, we expect every student to make a positive contribution to the school and to the wider community by following the core principles.

    • Follow instructions first time
    • Be prepared for learning and willing to learn
    • Show respect and tolerance
    • Be in the right place at the right time
    • Use positive and appropriate language
    • Be a positive ambassador for the school at all times